Corneal Disorders

The cornea is a portion of your eye. It's susceptible to a variety of conditions ranging from dry eye to dystrophies. These issues may cause pain and discomfort as well as interfere with your ability to see clearly. At Tozer Lee Eye Center serving Scottsdale, AZ and the surrounding region, we offer solutions to correct these problems.

About the Cornea

Your cornea is the transparent layer forming the front of the eye. This part of your eye has five different layers, each serving a unique purpose. The cornea consists of cells, proteins, and fluids that keep your eyes free of germs and debris. Not only does it protect your lens and iris, but it also has an impact on your vision. It's responsible for between 65 to 70 percent of the focusing power your eye has. It doesn't have any blood vessels, so it relies on tears and the aqueous humor to provide it with nourishment.

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Possible Problems With Your Cornea

The cornea can suffer from a wide-range of pathologies. There are common inherited diseases, such as keratoconus and Fuchs Dystrophy, as well as acquired conditions, such as post-traumatic or post-infectious scars, that affect the cornea. Regardless of the cause, when the cornea clouds it causes profound vision loss and possibly pain.

As a fellowship trained corneal specialist, Dr. Kevin Tozer and Dr. Michele Lee perform a wide-array of procedures to treat all causes of cornea pathology. In addition to traditional full-thickness corneal transplants, Dr. Tozer also performs newer techniques such as Descemet Stripping Endothelial Keratoplasty (DSEK) and Descemet Membrane Endothelial Keratoplasty (DMEK). With DSEK or DMEK, Dr. Tozer and Dr. Lee are able to isolate the diseased layers of the cornea for transplantation while leaving the remainder of the cornea intact. These techniques allow for quicker recovery, better vision, and substantially less risk than older corneal graft procedures.

If you suffer from a corneal disease, please call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Kevin Tozer or Dr. Michele Lee.

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